Mrs. Rochelle Weinberg, M.Ed., E.C.E.

Rochelle has been running Kidsworld & Funworld for thirty seven years. Rochelle has been a part-time school teacher for thirty six years during the school year. She uses her experience to create new programs that develop a wide range of skills in our campers. Her passion for teaching swimming has also made Kidsworld successful in teaching thousands of children to swim.
Head Counselor

Amanda Menkes, B.Ed.

Amanda is joining us for her fifth year. She teaches for The York Region School Board. Her talents and programming ability adds so much to camp. Amanda's love of science and drama adds so much to our special activities.
Head Counselor

Mrs. Stacey Walton, E.C.E.

Stacey has taught at the Heschel School, Associated Day Schools and for The York Region School Board. She has worked at our camp for twenty years. Her energy and creativity have given Kidsworld its fantastic reputation. Stacy is the mother to two school-age children.