Dates & Fees


First Session: July 3 – July 27
Second Session: July 30 – August 17
Both Sessions: July 3 – August 17


These fees include door-to-door transportation and daily instructional swimming.

First Session Second Session Any Six Weeks Both Sessions
Early Bird Registration
(before December 22, 2017)
$995 $650 $1445 $1615
Early Registration
(before March 1, 2018)
$1035 $695 $1495 $1685
Late Registration
(after March 1, 2018)
$1085 $745 $1555 $1765

Limited availability for two week sessions in July.
Other combinations of 3, 4, and 5 weeks are available.
Please call the camp office for more information.

There is an additional 10% discount for the second child in the family, and a 15% discount for the third child.
There is a $15 charge per week for Kidsworld campers who wish to stay for Extended Hours (from 3-4pm).
Optional Pizza Lunches are available twice a week ($3.00 for a slice of pizza).
Forms will be sent in April. Camp fees are NOT subject to any additional taxes.
Some scholarships are available for families that qualify for financial assistance.

A deposit of $200 must accompany each application. A $100 administrative fee will be charged for cancellation, or $50 for partial cancellation until March 15th. After that date, the cancellation fee becomes $200. After May 30th no refund will be made without a doctor’s certificate. The balance must be paid no later than May 1st, 2018. There will be no camp on August 6th (Civic Holiday).